MerchFlow for Merch by Amazon

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The #1 lightweight and fast product manager for Merch by Amazon.

Manage all your listings in a beautiful and fast interface (@ any account size)

✨ Powerful filter tools, tagging system, ASIN exporter, real-time data ... everything you need

A magical autopilot price changer. No more time-consuming manual price-changing.

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MerchFlow is free to start with and grows with you. We have a plan for every account size: ⤵️

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❤️ Thousands of active users and 5+ years on the market.

🔥 (NEW) All users get free access to all features of our new sales dashboard tool on top: Big Dashboard - Sales Dashboard

MerchFlow is built from the ground up for speed, usability, and simplicity - it lets you manage millions of products/designs with a beautiful and smooth user interface - without ever slowing down your workflow or machine.

It comes with powerful tools like pre-made Quick Filters, Bulk Price Changing, ASIN Exporter, Bulk Deleter, and many more.

MerchFlow is the #1 choice of High-Tier Merch by Amazon sellers.

🔒 Feature Overview

  • Powerful Data Engine that is built for speed
    MerchFlow can handle millions of products in a real-time view, with real-time filters. Other tools usually slow down or become unusable once your account reaches a certain size - that's why more and more users switch to MerchFlow.
  • Live Database and real-time sales
    Your database is always up-to-date and gets constantly updated with real-time sales data.
  • Custom Filters
    Build your own custom filters to manage your products or use our pre-made quick filters to discover interesting statistics about your products.
  • Bulk Price Changer
    Change prices directly inside MerchFlow—no need to update prices manually anymore. The bulk price changer publishes all your updates automatically and saves you hours of work.
  • Bulk Delete
    Need free slots? You can delete up to 10.000 products in one batch with just one click. Lean back, MerchFlow does the work.
  • Ad Creation
    Export the ASINs of hundreds/thousands of products at once for Ad creation.


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* Each MerchFlow license allows the management of one merch account and cannot be shared between multiple Merch accounts. For multi-account or Agency licenses, please get in touch with us.

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MerchFlow for Merch by Amazon

20 ratings